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    I grew up in northeast Pennsylvania, and then northern New Jersey (up in Cow Country). I attented two very good school Districts during grade school: Delaware Valley in PA, and Vernon Township in NJ. Then, for High School, I attended Sussex County Technical School in Sparta, NJ, majoring in Electronics Technology.

    Today, I work for a large regional ISP in New Jersey, doing Network and SysAdmin stuff. In my down time, I enjoy dabbling in internet projects, some automation coding and scripting, and the occasional Arduino project.

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    These are just a few of the things I've been working on in the past few years. Some of the coding was done slapdash and is sloppy, but it worked for what I needed it for.

    • •  The NanoURL Project - A URL shortener (like tinyurl, shorl, makeashorterlink, etc) that I wrote in PHP with a MySQL backend, that you can download and run on your own server.

    • •  KTW Wedding Management Software - A wedding management website system that I wrote in PHP and used for my own wedding (and that of a few other of my friends).

    • •  Barcode Warehousing System - A barcode and inventory management system, written in PHP with a MySQL backend. Currently being re-written using EllisLab's CodeIgniter Framework
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    Thomas Duff

    Sussex, New Jersey
    United States of America

    Telephone: +1 973-440-8020
    E-mail: tom.duff+sitecontact@gmail.com

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